MAC TOOLS 9" Locking Parrot Pliers Review

The MAC TOOLS 9" Locking Parrot Pliers work great for variety of repairs—thanks to it's uniquely angled saw teeth—such as sway-bar link removal, rounded bolts, suspension adjustments and shocks with top nuts(for Jeep Wranglers) when the shocks spin while loosening nut . I've owned them for a few months now and have used them primarily for sway-bar link removal, I don't think there is another tool that could work as well for that job(especially when the center hex on the link is rounded). Typically for sway-bar link removal, part of the problem is fitting locking pliers behind the threads to keep the nut from spinning. Of course, like any other locking pliers, as the teeth begin to wear the locking ability begins to drop. They still work well but not as they have brand new. The jaws on these Parrot Pliers are thin enough to fit being the threads, so it makes removal much easier. OfThey cost $35.99 and are available from a MAC Tools distributor or from MAC's website at ""