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About Us

The concept for this site materialized during a typically work day. We were talking amongst ourselves about how we spend an exorbitant amount on tools each year—nesessary given our occupation—why not create a tool website for reviewing them? Specifically automotive tools but it soon grew to encompase all tools from well known vendors such as Snap-On, MAC, Cornwell, GEARWRENCH, MATCO Tools and more. We'll also be reviewing various tools from retailers Amazon, Wal-mart, ebay, and others that the casual tool buyer out there mostly purchases from.


As for our background. The tools are reviewed by professional Automotive Technicians; with each over 20 years experience as technicians and shop foreman. Our field utilizes a wide array of tooling, from basic hand tools to advanced oscilloscopes and factory scan-tools. This is a side hobby for the time being so, updates will be periodic with no set time in mind. If there is a tool you'd like to learn more about before purchasing, or are curious to learn more about tools in general, check back with us and hopefully soon we'll have a review up for you to go through.

If you're a tool manufacturer or marketer  and would like us to review your product, contact us by using the forum below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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