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Bostitich Pancake Compressor Review

I picked up this Bostitich Pancake Compressor about four months ago primarily for the purpose of installing hardwood floor in my house and it was ideal for the job. It's a 6 gallon, Max 150 PSI, 2.6 SCFM(Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) @ 90 PSI Compressor. It weighs about 30lbs and its dimensions are 16.5 x 16.9 x 19.1 in. It's Oil-Free, so it does not require daily maintenance, nor do you have to worry about the compressor leaking oil. It has two universal quick-disconnect couplers on either side and a high-flow regulator.

The first time I switched on the compressor, it would slowly lose pressure, so I checked around it and found the drain on the back was loose. After tightening it, I switched it on, built up 150 PSI(regulated 85 PSI for my nail gun) and the compressor only took about two and a half minutes to reach it. I've switched on the compressor to build pressure somewhere around 10-15 times now and it still gives off a burning smell; it's nothing unbearable but is noticeable. It hasn't overheated, shut-off or anything like that, so it's most likely due to it still being somewhat new. As for the noise, the unit is certainly not quiet but it's not that loud, especially compared to the industrial compressor we have at work. The compressor is rated at 80 dBA.

The best part of this compressor is it's portability, it's easy to pick up and move around; thanks to it only weighing 30lbs and the large rubber handle on top. I've tried out a number of power tools including a DEWALT Pneumatic Nail Gun and two handheld air saws. The compressor is ideal for something that's on/off such as nail guns because it's not consistent pressure. Air saw's on the other hand work for something small but if you intend to use a tool like that you're going to need to keep the compressor near an outlet to build pressure up because it seems to drop rather quickly. The regulator is easy to use; once the tank is full, just turn the front knob clockwise until you match the pressure you want. If you want to bleed it down some, turn the knob counter-clockwise and the regulated pressure will begin to drop.

It comes packaged with a 50" Rubber/PCV Blend Air Hose that is rated at a Max of 300PSI. I didn't have an issue with the hose leaking initially but after a couple weeks of use, some air began seeping out depending on how my tools were angled while I was working. It was a small leak and I would just rotate the hose a bit to get it to stop. It's very flexible—especially compared to my heavy duty air hoses at work—it made moving and working around rooms or into closets while connected to the compressor a breeze.

The kit also includes a blow gun and air accessories —such as tire chuck and gauge, inflation attachments, rubber tip, safety nozzle and 1/4" NPT male plugs. I haven't had issues but I've seen other reviewers complain of stripped threads and the metal being cheap but it IS made in China. So, break loose and tighten with care.

Overall, I'd purchase again. My wood floor and quarter round look great, it's nice having a compressor to bring out to my driveway to perform some vehicle work or out back to repair my fence(which is my next project). I'd recommend it.

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