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Snap-On 14.4 V 3/8" Drive Micro-lithium Cordless Impact Wrench - Review

The Snap-On 14V 3/8 Impact Wrench has 120 ft-lbs of torque and weighs 2.5lbs with the battery attached. It has pressure sensitive forward and reverse triggers to vary power output depending on the application. This compact battery powered impact wrench certainly packs a punch, it still lacks the breakaway torque of my 6-7 year old 3/8 Air Pneumatic Impact Wrench. So as a comparison, on the fairly rare occasion that this cordless impact cannot break loose a stubborn fastener, I switch it out for the old air impact. The compact battery puts out enough power to do about 90% of the jobs that I would normally use a 3/8 air impact wrench for; it's portability allows access to tighter areas that would be difficult to get to with an air impact. It's lightweight and comfortable to hold with rubber grip around the body. It has current limit protection that cuts power to the motor to prevent damage if the temperature gets too high, I've had this feature kick-in a handful of times but only when the indicator displays red, meaning the battery is becoming depleted. Otherwise, with the battery fully charged and holding the trigger down, I haven't had it occur when breaking loose a rusty fastener.

The front of the impact wrench has three headlights to illuminate the working area. Most of the time I have flashlights, droplights or penlights shining where I'm working so the headlights aren't really necessary but in the case where a flashlight is not available, they at least can illuminate the general area.

On the side of the impact wrench there's a LED that displays Green(40-100% battery life), Yellow(25-39% battery life) and Red(0-24% battery life) to indicate the battery state-of-charge. It's not always illuminated, if you want to check the LEDs color without turning the motor, pulling the forward or reverse triggers partially will to turn it on.

The kit I purchased(CT761AHV) comes with a charger for the Micro Lithium Battery. It has LED indicators on the top that illuminate according to the current charge level of the battery, it's a nice feature to be able to monitor the current start-of-charge. The charger also has slots on the bottom so that it can be wall-mounted. The battery charges quickly, I timed a depleted battery about 50 minutes to an hour to reach 100% fully charged.

One criticism I have is that the battery pack is somewhat difficult to remove from the impact wrench. Depressing the tabs on each side should release the battery for quick removal but instead while the tabs are pushed, it takes pulling effort to remove. Sometimes it really gets stuck in the impact wrench. As for the battery life, it's fantastic. I can go about full week without charging it.

There was an issue bout a year and a half after my purchase where the triggers no longer functions and I found out--after disassembly--that there was a wire that broke near the trigger. Repaired it and haven't had another issue since.

It's a solid, lightweight, compact impact that's become one of my daily go-to tools and I'm satisfied with the purchase.




Variable Triggers

Fast Charge Time

Muilti-Use Battery

Fairly Powerful


Battery pack slightly difficult to remove

Interior wire issue can occur



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