IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers, Long Nose Ergonomic Multi Plier, 8-inch Review

These IRWIN Long Nose Multi-pliers feature a 62 degree angled head containing ribbed needle nose end, indentations for 12AWG & 14AWG solid wire(14AWG & 16AWG stranded wire), a spot for wire crimping below that and the inner portion has a 3/4" long cutting strip. The handles are comfortable, they're molded rubber and contoured as well, providing cushion while cutting, crimping or clamping with the needle nose end.

The pliers also have a locking tab--shown above in yellow--that don't seem to have another purpose aside from storing them in the closed position for storage. The item description advertises that it also prevent accidental drops(that's assuming you can close the pliers enough to use the tab). It only locks in one position(completely closed) so it's not like you can apply pressure to something you're gripping with and then switch on the locking tab to hold it in that position. Make it's sort of worthless to be honest.

The cutting portion of the pliers is able to fit a number of wires at once into it making it useful for one clean cut across a set of wires. The wire crimper on the other hand isn't that great, I tried using it for butt connectors and there's just not enough leverage to get a proper crimp with them.

The right side of the pliers can securely hold bolts as low as 10mm and up to 17mm. If you're like most handymen, you'll probably have sockets and wrenches for this purpose so you'll seldom use this additional feature.

I've used these a number of times now for removing bulb socket on vehicles, the angle is helpful for hard to reach areas. That being said, there are better choices out there when it comes to angled-pliers. These are in no means poor pliers but when it comes to cutting and wire stripping, they under-perform compared to others.



Ergonomic grip

Helpful angle



Poor leverage

Unnecessary nut/bolt holder.

Pointless locking tab