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POWER PROBE Wireless Temp Probe Kit

The Temp Probe Kit(PPRTEMPKIT) by Power Probe is a dual-one digital wireless temperature tester. The kit comes with the Base Unit and one Wireless Probe. An additional Wireless Probe can be purchased separately, allowing up to three temperature readings simultaneously. The base unit has an easy-to-read back-lit LCD display that reads from -10-132 Degrees F(-23 to 56 degrees C), with a distance of 16.5ft. The Base Unit has four buttons: one for C & F readings, one for back-lamp, one to switch receivers and the power button. Syncing is quite simple, just turn-on the unit and receiver and they should detect each other. The Base measures at 5x2" and the Probe at 7x1/2".

The distance seems accurate enough at the specification of 16.5ft(5m). I still had good readings at that distance and the signal becomes lost at 17ft. Once the connection is lost, both units need to be powered off and back on together. Then the connection will immediately be reestablished. The set requires two AA batteries for the screen unit and two AAA batteries for the remote unit. I haven't tested the battery life but I can say Its been months since I've changed them out and both the base and probe are still operating.

The wireless probe has a movable vent clip, up to a 90 degree angle.

As for the accuracy? Well, you can see in the picture below that the probe and base unit seem to be at a slight disagreement. Typically around a half to a full degree. Now, that is within the tolerance advertised by PowerProbe at + or - 2 degrees. I've found that when first switched on, the temps don't quite match. But if you allow a couple seconds to pass, the temps equalize. The lack of precise accuracy is a slight downside for sure but I primarily use it for comparing the ambient temp to Air Conditioning vent output temp inside of a vehicle and for that purpose, it does its job(albeit, a degree or so variance). The set is durable as well. I've dropped this thing on concrete numerous times and have yet for the display to crack or become nonfunctional.

The set with one wireless probe cost $35-$45 and is available from the links below.

~Purchase Links~

Amazon, Tool Discounter, Summit Racing, Tool Source.



Up to three wireless readings simultaneously.


Long battery life.

Easy to read LCD.


Can be a few degrees inaccurate(+-2).



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