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GEARWRENCH 15 Piece Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool Set - 3680D

If you're reading this, chances are that you're in the market for an automotive serpentine belt tool. And while no tool is applicable to every vehicle out there; this set works for a plurality. It comes encased with: Seven shallow 6-point sockets(13mm - 19mm), Three Crowsfoot Sockets(13mm - 15mm) and Three Square Adapters(3/8", 1/2" & 3/4"), as well as the 14" Extension Arm and the 72-teeth Fixed Square Ratcheting Wrench with 5 degree swing. The adapters are held in the ratchet by a c-clip(see the picture below) and the ratchet is held into the extension bar by a rubber o-ring. I've owned this set for a few years now and I have yet for the c-clip to drop sockets, or for the o-ring to dry out or rip. So it holds up rather well to daily wear and tear. I haven't had any issues of the rubber sliding off from the end of thehandle either. I personally very rarely use the crows feet because honstley, crows feet are not ideal for releiving the tension of the belt. Also, most of us handymen already own a separate crows feet set that are most likely flank drives to further reduce fastener rounding; unlike the supplied set. The sockets work well enough. They're polished chrome-vanadium six-points and haven't broken or rounded off on me. An issue that you will probably run into, is that the hex fitting on a handful of automatic serp. belt adjuster may round off because of age and some are made of soft metal; making socket will fit sloppily. What'll happen somtimes is that the sockets will become stuck and will need slight shock treatment(tap with a hammer) or reverse leverage to remove.

When I'm using this tool, I generally stick with the square adapters—primarily the 3/8" and 1/2" adapters—but(much like the hex adapters) I found that in some vehicles the adapters fit sloppy and occasionally get stuck into the automatic adjuster arm. Once again, It will usually break free with a small tap using a long flat-blade or a twist in the opposite direction. Which brings me to one of the drawbacks to this tool, the lack of flex. There are times when you relieve the tension on the belt only to be stopped by an engine mount, reservoir, hose, ect. If the bar had just a couple degrees of flex, it would save the frustration of having to move objects out of your path or ultimately, using a different tool(such as for the Honda Odyssey belt I just replaced.). There are a handful of vehicles that this tool will not suffice, because of the tight quarters between the automatic adjuster and body frame(such as for some Honda's, Hyundai, Fords & Chrysler's). You'll require additional tools if you professionally work on automobiles. As I mentioned in a prior review, the Platinum Tech Wrenches are a must have for serp. belt service, as is a long 3/8" Ratcheting Wrench(say that five times fast). With all three of these tools, I'd say you're pretty well set to complete almost any drive belt job out there. Aside from a few issues, It's not a bad set.

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Supplied Sockets





Lack of Flex

Only 72 Teeth on Ratchet

Not shallow enough for some vehicles

Non-Flank Crows Feet



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