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Snap-On Combination Slip-Joint Pliers(47ACF)

These Snap-On Slip-Joint Pliers are official one of my all-time favorite tools. The highlight is the patented three slot position, providing an additional adjustment compared to traditional two slot position pliers. These pliers are also quite long for Slip-Joints pliers, it measures at 8 1/4" long compared to most others I've used, which sit around 6-7" mark. The inner portion of the jaws there's a shear cutter—which, you probably won't use much—and the outer portion has small Diamond Serrated Teeth that provide a stronger grip compared to the ribs that most other Slip-Joint Pliers have. These pliers are also slightly wider than most, measuring at 7/16" which is very useful because it the larger surface area makes it easier to compress things such as small rubber hose clamps on vacuum or coolant hoses, where all three tabs need to be squeezed simultaneously. Needle Nose Pliers work great when the clamps are on an angle and Offset or 90 Degree Needle Nose Pliers do the trick if there's enough clearance to access the clamp but these Snap-On Slip-Joint pliers allow you to squeeze them head on or on an angle—you also have the teeth for added prevention from slipping off during removal or installation(we all know how old clamps love sticking to an old hose).

They are on the slightly more expensive side—it is Snap-On tools after all—at $55 but in my opinion it's worth it. They're built extremely well, they're comfortable, they've aided me in a number of jobs over the years and have become a go-to tool for me. I can't brag on these enough.



Three Position Joint.


Wide Clamping Surface with Diamond Serrated Teeth





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